As a Global Freight Forwarder, what are the services you provide?

Our international counterparts does evaluation & handling of all types of cargos including oversized, break bulk, specialized equipment and Ro/ Ro service if needed. Our services include arranging professional packer to ensure safe transit. Route optimization will be done by us to contain the cost and delivery time.

Do you have different service types to offer for air export, to meet our customer requirement in each shipments.

  • Express service- Delivery on same day.
  • For critical cargos - Delivered very next day by route optimization
  • Regular service – Delivered as per the normal transit time
  • Consolidation service – Delivery period 5 to 6 days with economical freight rates by Air.

What are the details to be provide for an airfreight quote from your end ?

  • Pickup place and delivery place
  • Package details - number of case ( with packing type), Weight and dimension of each case if more than one piece.
  • Inco terms
  • Description of the commodity.
  • MSDS in case of DG (HAZMAT ) cargoes
  • If any additional service required

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why do you insist dimension and weight details for LCL and air freight rate requests?

Air freight and Less container Load cargoes are charged based on volume or gross weight whichever is greater. To arrive the right weight or chargeable weight dimension of each piece are required.

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What is the permitted size for an air freight cargo ?

This is determined by the type of air craft used for your bookings. Standard acceptable size for Passenger aircraft is 300 x 200 x 150 cm (l,b,h).- SUBJECT TO CARRIER’S WEIGHT RESTRICTION PER PIECE

Exceptions - More dimension cargo also can be handled as an airfreight, through special cargo carriers called a Combi Freighter.

Do I need cargo insurance and can you provide an insurance quote for my shipment?

Cargo insurance is not mandatory but to have it is a wise business decision. International cargo involves a complex chain of diverse service providers over multiple countries sometimes crossing many legal jurisdictions. Mostly this process works without issues. However, if something goes wrong, it is important to have cargo insurance in place to protect your business. International cargo liability laws are complex and in certain situations shippers can become liable for losses to other shipper’s cargo under the general average rule.

Generally we do not provide a cargo insurance quote.

What Is the liability of the carrier in case of loss/damaged to the goods by Air Carrier.

As per IATA conditions of carriage for Cargo

Can you provide end to end service for our goods ?

As an International Freight Forwarder, with our Global networking, we can provide end to end solutions.

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What is meant by 3 PL.

3 PL means Third Party Logistics to be applied to any service or contract that involves storing or shipping things as per the industrial needs. A 3PL service may be a single service such as transportation or warehouse storage or it can be a system-wide bundle of multiple services capable of managing the entire supply chain / Main assembly supporting system.

What are the benefits derive from 3 PL service providers.

3PL providers are knowledgeable of industry with best practices and stay up to date with the latest developments in technology, supporting lean manufacturing and logistics & there is no need to worry about the paperwork, billing, audits, training, staffing, and optimization involved to get your goods where they need to go.

Another benefit of using a 3PL provider is the ability to scale space, manpower, and transportation according to inventory needs & also help to maximize profits, reduce wait times, and improve customer service.

Which are all the states requires way bill.

Presently states like West Bengal, Kerala, Gujarat,UP, Bihar, Odisha and Andhra Pradesh are having robust e-way bill system, the GST Council allowed the states having e-way bill rules to continue with the existing form till a central format is built & implemented.

Which are all the locations you have Service.

Pan India

Do you transport Over Dimensional Cargo (ODC).

Yes, we carry over dimensional cargo.

Do you provide 40 feet domestic containers for rent.

Yes, we provide 40 feet contianers for rent.

Will you provide dedicated fleet.

Yes, based on the project dedicated trucks will be provided.

Do you have IBA Approved LR.

Yes we have bank approved LR

What kind of Logistics solution does LCC provides.

LCC provides complete transportation facility such as pick up, delivery & reverse logistics.


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How do I contact LCC.

You can call us on 0422-2599893 - 95 or mail us @ info@lakshmicargo.com


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How do I know the location served by LCC.

You can find it in our website. Go to Branch Locator and type the location.


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How to register the complaint.

You can register the complaints in our website. Go to contact us and register the complaint.


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How to become the busines partner of LCC.

You can become our franchisee or vendor by using our website. Go to Join us and fill the form.


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Can LCC collect payment from the consignee on my behalf.

No. As of now we have no COD facility.

What are all the transit documents required for each state in India.

You can call us on 0422-2599893 - 95 & our customer care team will guide you.

For more information please contact “info@lakshmicargo.com